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Python Projects for Beginners

Sara Taher
2 min read
Computer screen with python code
Prompt: Retro computer screen with python code - Midjourney

If you're trying to learn Python, your best shot is working on some easy projects! I'm a Java developer by training but didn't program for so long, but all the concepts of object oriented programming are still here. All I needed was a quick refresher, and to understand the difference between the syntax of Java and Python.

For example, one major difference for  me was in Python, you do not need to end every line of code with a semi-colon. Weird enough, I miss that :)

One tip I have for you is, for each project, give it a shot and do your best. Once you have a running code generating correct answers. Go to chatgpt and ask it to evaluate your code. You'll get good feedback on things you should've done and missed or easier/better ways to do things.

Anyways, here are 2 projects I recommend you work on and their answer codes. I did enjoy working on those and I'm sure you will too!

Dice Roller

Create a simple dice rolling simulator where the user can specify the number of dice and the number of sides on each dice as input. The program will generate random numbers for each dice and display the result to the user.

Things you'll learn:

  • Asking the user for input
  • Concatenating string and numbers.
  • Using try/except statements (in Java it's try/catch and I like this naming more!)
  • Using random to generate random numbers.
  • Using for loops
  • Printing the output

The Python code:

Dice Roller Python Code - Examples of Python Projects for Beginners
Dice Roller Python Code

If you need to copy and paste the code, you can find here on my Gist.

Word Counter

Create a program that reads a text file, counts the occurrences of each word, and displays the word count for each word.

Note: for this program, you'll need to have a .txt file stored in the same folder as your python program (to simplify things)

Things you'll learn:

  • Opening and reading a file
  • Using Lists
  • Using for Loops
  • Using if Statements

The Python code:

Word Counter Python Code - Examples of Python Projects for Beginners
Word Counter Python Code

If you need to copy and paste the code, you can find here on my Gist.

I'll be adding more projects here! Happy Python Coding Everyone!