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Case Studies

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Case Study: Impact of Removing a Duplicate Page

One time I was doing a content audit for a website. One interesting finding was the amount of cannibalized content I found on the blog. The website owner was continually creating content, but some of it heavily overlapped. There are situations where existing content cannibalism doesn’t need to be

Impact of removing a duplicate page
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Case Study: How 6K became 33K + 12K ARR

This case study is one that makes me smile. I always wanted to give back and this campaign was a great opportunity for me to have a small impact and change some lives to the better, one belly at a time! Background In 2021 I volunteered to be part of

Non-profit case study
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Case Study: SEO for Trending Topics

I'll talk about the ChatGPT post I created and and how it performed well given that my website is new (launched in August/Sept) and I didn't start adding much content consistently... To date I've only published 15 blogs. So everyone was talking about

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Case Study: SEO for Niche B2B with Zero Search Volume

This is one of my favorite clients to work with. The reason for this is that they took the recommendations seriously and executed on them! Background A newly launched Berlin based agency that targets purpose-driven startups reached out to me to work on their SEO strategy. Website was new with

Consistent Increase in Organic Impressions